Success Stories

“Our son Tony has cerebral palsy and hearing loss. We have found that therapeutic horseback riding has give him core strength and better stability control. He has the possibility of walking if he is able to continue this therapy, however insurance does not cover it and the economy has made it difficult to find tuition waivers. Plus One Foundation’s grant to Tony made sure he was able to continue this much needed therapy.” – Sarah, Tony’s mother

“I have lived with multiple sclerosis for 25 years and over the last few years my body has needed ‘extra care’ in regard to staying active and mobile. I’ve re-discovered swimming and how incredibly helpful and healing it is for muscles that just don’t move well enough during a routine day. I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost two years ago with three surgeries and two procedures to follow over the year. The saving grace for my sanity and mobility was swimming! What this body will not allow me to do on land, it will allow me the good fortune of movement in the waters of a pool. Thank you to Plus One Foundation for granting me a three month pool pass so I can continue my aquatic therapy and help this body ease back into walking again.” – Sally

“The three month pool pass grant allows me access to aquatic therapy that I would otherwise be unable to afford. Swimming has allowed me to walk and sleep through the night without severe pain. For the last three years, I have had more success from water therapy than I have had with any other therapy. The social support I receive at the pool also helps me deal with all of the health and emotional issues that come along with having Sjögrens Syndrome. Because of my work limitations and an expensive surgery last year, I have had a lot of difficulty making ends meet and paying for a pool pass. Plus One Foundation’s ‘Mermaid’ grant has allowed me to continue the one therapy that keeps me moving forward.” – Laura

“My son Noah is 13 years old and he was born into this world with Autism, Spina Bifida, OCD, Anxiety and Language Disorders and Club Feet. One thing that has always been evident is that he wanted just one real friend. Noah joined Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center six months ago and for the first time ever, he had friends and his self-esteem was going through the roof. The instructors told him he was ‘a natural’ and then moved him to the Advanced Rider class. I had never seen him run out of the car so fast as when we would arrive at the Center. However, their funding was limited, insurance doesn’t cover it, and at the end of the sesion I had to tell Noah that he could no longer continue with the lessons. On his final session, as tears welled in his eyes, he gave a kiss to each horse to say goodbye. I cried myself to sleep that night and woke up the next morning to talk all my clothing to the nearby consignment store in hope of making enough money to register him for the next class. Needless to say I was thrilled when Plus One Foundation approved the grant for Noah so I could tell him the good news. Now he is able to return to the one place that gives him hope, success and friendship.” – Trishana

“I have done swimming therapy at the Ballard Pool for 19 years. I go three times a week for two sessions each time to do reptitious movement for my leg. I would be in a wheelchair if it wasn’t for the pool therapy. If I don’t do the repetitious movements, my leg will not work. Before I get in the pool, my leg drags. When I leave the pool, I can actually step with my leg. Since I only receive a small amount of support money each month, the pool pass is almost 10% of my income. Instead of having to choose between buying groceries or being able to walk, Plus One Foundation granted me money for a three month pool pass.” – George has a tumor on his spinal chord and is paralyzed in one leg

“My daughter Haley is a 5 year old girl with cerebral palsy and an injury to the brachial plexus which is the bundle of nerves in the spine that connect to the shoulder, arm and hand. Haley uses a walker and some doctors predicted she will always need one. However, after several therapeutic horseback riding lessons, Haley has strengthened her core muscles and increased her balance. Most recently she started to be able to climb onto the sofa and can now go from sitting on the floor to standing. She can’t balance standing yet and has to hold onto things, but we are delighted with her progress. Since insurance does not cover therapeutic horseback riding, our family is thankful that the Plus One Foundation has granted Haley the money to be able to continue this important therapy so that one day she may walk on her own.” – Jeff

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 17 years ago. It has gotten progressively worse and now I have a constant limp and sometimes have to use a cane. My balance is off and my feet and legs have been numb since 1994. I started doing therapeutic horseback riding lessons in January, 2011 and found I had significant improvements in my core strength. This enabled me to walk, balance, and do everyday tasks much easier. After paying for one session, I could no longer afford to continue. I dreaded feeling my body return to the state it was in before the therapy, but Plus One Foundation approved my request and paid for me to register for another session. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to build up my strength even more.” – Maria

“Our son David was diagnosed at 6 months old after an MRI showed that he had a neurological condition on the left side of his brain that affects the right side of his body. His brain waves are not ‘normal’ and the doctors told us they never would be. David has had to teach himself how to use the right side of his body through different neural pathways. He had been doing therapeutic horseback riding for 6 months and seeing incredible results. Now at age 4, he just started walking and we are so excited for his progress. Our family paid out $9,000 in medical bills last year after our insurance maxed out, so paying for therapeutic horseback is an added expense we need to find a way to cover. Plus One Foundation’s grant enabled David to sign up for another session and eased the financial strain on our family.” – Amy

“We were referred to Plus One by the Traumatic Brain Injury Association. My son Patrick has really progressed in his martial arts classes and we appreciated the assistance from Plus One that enabled us to continue to enroll him. Patrick struggles with following direction in class setting, but his martial arts training enforces his own ability to comply and be aware of his actions. It helps him self-regulate, focus, and raise his confidence.” – Cindy

“I am so thrilled that the MS Society told me about Plus One Foundation’s grants. I have been attending an Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT) class at Samarya Center and needed financial support to continue. IMT has kept me walking, connected to my community, increased my body awareness, and given me tenacity of purpose. Most importantly it has kept me sane! It is often THE reason I go out of the house.” – Mary

“I am a 40 year old husband and father of two children, ages 7 & 10. Since my onset and diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 1995, I’ve experienced a borad gamete of symptoms and degress of diabilitiy. When I awoke that morning to find that I had almost no control over my left leg, it was alarming. Today, every daily routine is difficult. I can walk a maximum of 1 block, but only with the aid of two walking sticks. That said, I am optimistic about my ability to arrest the progression and improve the symptoms that are most challenging. I try to utilize every tool I know of to improve my circumstances. Conventional treatment has not helped me. My best periods of health have come through diet, supplements, exercise, daily quiet time, meditation, nature and yoga. Integrated movement therapy helps me reach my highest potential and I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate in it with the help of Plus One.” – Brad


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