Investing in Yourself and The Path to Happiness

By: Megan Brodsky


One of the greatest feelings a person can know is the fulfillment of progress and improvement. For those who have suffered from traumatic injuries, it is arguably most important to recuperate and advance their debilitated functions. There have been endless developments in therapeutic treatments, from music and dance to exercise therapy. But what has been taken for granted and easily glanced over is the self-impression we have of ourselves. The impact we have on how we feel about ourselves is so immense and strong it can undoubtedly change the way we go through our lives, especially when it comes to dealing with injuries and recoveries.
Working at a salon, I have seen how a simple hair style can change the way one looks at his or herself. There is no question the best part of my job is seeing the glow on clients’ faces when they leave with that extra boost of confidence from our services. It seems silly, but the reality is that everyone needs to feel that satisfaction in themselves. To some, it may seem superficial to give the way you look such power over how you feel about yourself, but to others, it is much needed self-appreciation. Investing in ourselves is something I have learned to be very important for one’s happiness. Doing things for ourselves that make us happy is so crucial to living our lives to the fullest. It do12383577_453694364823802_1786089101_nesn’t have to be changing our physical appearances, but simply anything that makes us feel good inside. It is especially important to give ourselves things to look forward to and feel good about when we are going through rough times in life. I used to be so concerned with what other people thought about me and the things I do that give me a boost of confidence and make me happier. However, I have learned that the only person whose opinion matters on the subject is my own. If there is someone or something stopping you from investing in yourself, take a step back and look at who is really benefitting from it – because it’s most likely not you, which is all who matters when it comes to your happiness, right? I cannot stress enough how important it is for each of us to be fully satisfied with the lives we live and to go to bed at night truly happy with who we are. It has personally taken me a while to get to that point, but with a little self-investment, my outlook on myself and my life has only gotten better and more positive.

So for those of you who are having a hard time feeling fully satisfied with what life has given you, I strongly encourage you to go out and find something that brings you pure joy. Though it may be hard to override the opinions of others, listen to yourself and only then will you be able to really understand what you need in your life to feel whole. Now go out there and be inspired – read a book, take a yoga class, or get your hair done!